February 8, 2010

Inspiration: James Jean

Ever since I saw his artwork on the cover of the comic book series Fables, I was instantly in love. His work is fluid, romantic, creepy, organic....it's got so much soul and imagination to it that I'm just constantly mesmerized by the work he does. I definitely would not mind having my walls covered in his prints and my room littered with his gorgeous journals, although it seems as if a lot of his collected art books are ridiculously priced. ($300 for the collection of Fables covers?! Give me a break!)

I'm hoping you all will be as inspired by him as I am! More of his lovely work can be seen at http://jamesjean.com, including some work he did for the Prada store. (Oh, and did I mention he integrated some of his artwork into Prada merchandise like scarves and dresses? If only I could wrap my hands around one!)

As a sidenote, I do plan on redoing my ClosetBug layout. I've had this for nearly two full years! It's time for a change, and fast.


Kate said...

Wow, gorgeous. I especially love the last two.

Cherish @ My Cup of Tea said...

Loving the art!!!!!

Hey, so I completely made over my blog. You should take a second look!! Thanks!
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