February 23, 2010

Mon Feb 22 - You've Really Got a Hold On Me

My new fur just arrived. FAUX fur, anyways. I'm so pleased with it, it goes with almost everything and it's amazingly soft to the touch. Quite the $20 ebay investment, if I do say so myself. :)

In my last post I told myself I would wear more color. After a small venture through H&M, I emerged with this red red dress (which I opted for over an exact navy one due to my dedication to more color) and I'm enamored by it. I have to admit, I was influenced a bit by Erin Fetherston's Fall 2009 red palettes.

Ah, absolutely lovely. In case you haven't noticed, she's absolutely my most beloved designer!

Red Dress - H&M ($10)
Faux Fur Collar - Ebay ($20)
Dean & Ozzy Heels - Urban Outfitters ($10)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag - boutique ($28)
Eiffel Tower Earrings - Marc by Marc Jacobs ($7)

February 10, 2010

Tues Feb 9th - Modern Day Alice

I've told myself again and again for the past year that I would wear more colors on a daily basis. Judging from my posts throughout the past year, the results are generally unsuccessful. Although in my defense, I've been fancying powder blue and general pastel colors lately when I head out through the farthest corners of San Diego.

Speaking of my shopping splurges, I recently found two simply amazing stores to stop by during my San Diego sprees. Every Wednesday the Salvation Army by my area has a neat 50% off sale their entire store, which is already a treasure trove of neat little pieces. Then there's Flashbacks, an amazing affordable vintage store in Hillcrest that I simply melt for. Of the many pieces I purchased, these three vintage pieces captured my heart.

My new goal is to wear more color! I suppose it doesn't help that all of my major outerwear pieces are black, but I must work around it!

Powder Blue Dress - Buffalo Exchange ($21)
Black Boyfriend Blazer - Foreign Exchange ($20)
Vintage Purse - Nine West, Salvation Army ($9)
Black MaryJane Wedges - Urban Outfitters ($30)

February 8, 2010

Inspiration: James Jean

Ever since I saw his artwork on the cover of the comic book series Fables, I was instantly in love. His work is fluid, romantic, creepy, organic....it's got so much soul and imagination to it that I'm just constantly mesmerized by the work he does. I definitely would not mind having my walls covered in his prints and my room littered with his gorgeous journals, although it seems as if a lot of his collected art books are ridiculously priced. ($300 for the collection of Fables covers?! Give me a break!)

I'm hoping you all will be as inspired by him as I am! More of his lovely work can be seen at http://jamesjean.com, including some work he did for the Prada store. (Oh, and did I mention he integrated some of his artwork into Prada merchandise like scarves and dresses? If only I could wrap my hands around one!)

As a sidenote, I do plan on redoing my ClosetBug layout. I've had this for nearly two full years! It's time for a change, and fast.