December 28, 2008

Sun Dec 28th - Happy Post Holidays!

Oh my! I haven't posted in so long! Well the holidays has been a crazy rush of events and gatherings for me, among other things. I really hope that everyone out there has enjoyed this season with the ones they love and cherish the most! (Even if it doesn't turn out to be as ideal as it may originally sound.)

Christmas for me was uneventful. But it was almost exactly how I would have preferred it to be. A nice relaxing night with my siblings (and my sister who flew in from New York!) making a gingerbread house and mulling by the Christmas tree.

In terms of my own fashion, I've been a bit on the lacking side. The chill, as much as it may be mild in comparison to other climates, has gotten me lethargic and unwilling to move out of the comforts of my own cozy home. I did get some considerable shopping done at Urban Outfitters luckily, and I'm planning my next thrift raid before heading back to San Diego next week. So hopefully more updates are to come! I hope you all are having a great and fashion-forward holidays!

Coat - Miu Miu, Thrifted
Top - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Socks - JCrew
Hat - Forever 21
Shoes - Macy's
Purse - Thrifted

♥ Thanks to Kalvin for the photo


ana b. said...

You look great! Glad you had a good Christmas.

Fashion Therapist said...

Belated Merry Christmas! Loving the outfit!!

Isa said...

yeah, christmas doesn´t need to be too eventful. I know what I am talking about with a family that loves to start nice and slow and always ends up in an arcade of fighting. tragic, haha. ;)
you´re looking gorgeous, I love you in that hat.

as well, thank you for your words on my site- indeed, it´s so exciting to actually get money for writing! :)

happy post-holidays, too!

Fashion Addict said...

I love this outfit of yours! The blue just really adds color to the outfit and the hat is really cute on you! Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of the holiday season and have a happy new year!

Severn said...

really great outfit. very cohesive

christina said...

@ana, fashion therapist, and severn; thank you for your kind comments!

@isa; haha, my family is most definitely like that. I can't say it's Christmas if that didn't happen though.

@fashion addict; Wow! somehow I didn't even notice how painfully monotoned my outfit would've been without the skirt.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-you look lovely in this outfit, the coat is a great buy! Happy New year!

LaCouturier said...

happy new darling! fab outfit!

Lydia said...

I like =D