December 15, 2008

Such Poor Udating Skills, Bug!

Yes yes, I know. My updating has been poor and commenting next to none.

But my laptop's hard drive pretty much fried last week and it was such a disaster in some ways, and a blessing in others. It was finals week so I had to get the distraction away anyways, but it was a hassle to lug around a dead 'top. It's getting fixed now, and it's only a matter of time before I'm back with all the free time I previously had!

How has everyone's winter fashion so far? It's actually getting relatively frigid here in California, so I can't even imagine the chill that's penetrating the other parts of the world! Personally I'm cozying up with scarves and thicker coats, although I still stay true to my vintage blue Lacoste cardi. (I'm planning on taking advantage of my thrifted black Miu Miu blazer though!)

And to part you all with at least some form of small inspiration, I present to you Alessi's Ark.

How utterly quaint is this music video?!


Isa said...

ah, you cali girl.
I can´t even imagine not wearing mittens and coats these days- although I try my best to integrate everything beloved into my wardrobe despite the temperature: cutoff shorts, 70s dresses.
yes, living in europ is a challenge! ;)
good luck with your exams and a happy christmas time!

(haha, isn´t it weird that they have gingerbread latte and such at starbucks when it is so warm where you live?)

Angela said...

Lacoste cardi? Miu Miu blazer?

Must see! Those sound amazing!