December 2, 2008

Post Thanksgiving Weekend

Finally I'm free from schoolwork! Unfortunately my quarter isn't over yet, but I've gotten most of the stressful work done and over with.

How was everyone's thanksgiving weekend? For everyone in America, did you guys get any good Black Friday loot?

I went on kind of a binge with everything. Stopped by various spots including Urban Outfitters, Jet Rag vintage, Forever 21, and of course my typical thrift shops. Overall I did spend a lot of money, but I do love my loot! One of my better finds is this darling black Miu Miu blazer for only $2.50 at Working Wardrobes. And of course, my mother found it first and thought that it'd work with my wardrobe. My biggest disappointment was in Forever 21. Their sales were hardly considered sales. Buy One get One Free on SALE items? Their sale items are always of poorer quality, whether through abuse of just neglect, and there was not much of a selection at all. Urban Outfitters had some nice goodies for $10, including leather skimmers and this adorable printed romper.

But the weather over the weekend was nice. It was chilly at some point, but it was also very warm in the way that makes you glow, rather than sweat.

Sat Nov 29th

Scarf - Urban Outfitters
Dress - Forever 21
Cardigan - No Relation Vintage
Tights - Forever 21
Shoes - Vintage

As for today, I decided to really dress down. I've been so tired and stressed with all my papers being due, but luckily all I have left to deal with are finals.

Tues Dec 2nd

Shirt - No Relation Vintage
Leggings - Ross
Heels - Urban Outfitters


Isabel said...

Wow, I love the plaid shirt and latex leggings - so badass!

morena said...

Love the second outfit ! Great lpaid shirt !!

Fashion Addict said...

That's nice to know that you are done with your schoolwork, me too! This year I avoided the whole Black Friday sale. Too many people, so I just chilled at home. I love the two outfits you have here - You look great!!!!

Btw, my blog's address has moved to so if you have the time could you please change the link on your blog roll? Thanks!

anna said...

I love the dress on the first pic! :D The whole outfit looks great on you :)!

sarah said...

love those leggings in the 2nd pic x

Taylor said...

i love the first look
and the leggings in the second picture, i've been dying for a pair

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