October 12, 2008

Sat Oct 11th - Schoolgirl Fancies

I somehow found myself home again in Orange County. I had so many errands to run while I was in the OC that I ended up finding myself in Costa Mesa and running into this nifty store called Crossroads Trading Co., which is this splendid little store with clothes traded in for reselling. Basically it's the equivalent of Buffalo Exchange, or The Wasteland for those who know about those stores. Although I have to say it has the quality of The Wasteland, with the prices of Buffalo Exchange. Love it!

So I indulged and bought myself two dresses for a keen $20. Both were relatively basic in brands, one being Lux from UO and another named Dahlia. I thought they were perfect for layering and playing with for the increasingly chilly weather California is bringing. (It finally hit the high 60's and low 70's!) And they were both mini's, which I have pining after for the longest time.

This outfit was surprisingly fun to wear and play with. It looks generally conservative and schoolgirl-inspired, however the jumper itself is surprisingly short!

Jumper - Urban Outfitters
Blouse - Vintage de la Renta
Socks - ????
Shoes - Macy's
Frames - Thrifted
Bag - Mom's closet


Leah said...

Oh you look so adorable! I can definitely see the school girl aspect coming out, but also see what you mean by it's quite conservative at the same time. I really love your style!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-such a cute style my dear!!

Isabel said...

I love that dress, the whole outfit in fact. So library-chic, its adorable!

Taghrid said...

so gossip girl. love it! xo`

Danielle said...

Hi, Christina! You have great style! I work for Solestruck.com, an online shoe boutique, and we'd love to hook you up with some shoes to complement your looks. Email me at danielle@solevoice.com ASAP if you're interested!


Podszewka said...

I like this look...the best student:D:D