October 22, 2008

Evolution of Hair

I got a bloglovin` too

Thought that would be interesting to share! :)

For some reason, the length of my hair suddenly hit me. It was getting significantly longer. Maybe not in comparison to earlier photos of me, but surprisingly this is the longest I've had my hair since I was a Junior in High School! Since then I had a fetish for short hair, but didn't realize the restraints in terms of my ability to style it, and it generally looked wonky with my ever-curly hair anyways.

It's just a nice realization that my hair is soon hitting the desired length. I miss having a lot of hair to touch, even if I take minimal effort to really style it. Plus I get to play so much more with braids whenever I get a chance to. French braids, pigtails, simple braids, the works!

I'm also on a much more romantic high than usual. Watching Paris Je T'aime on repeat sure doesn't help either. But this translates quite easily into my preferences in clothing.

Sigh. How I yearn for the perfect thigh-high socks and loose-fitted tops/dresses.

Dazed & Confused, Oct'o5
Richard Bush - We Are the Citizen's Band


Leah said...

You have really lovely hair. I remember thinking that when I came across your flickr & blog the first time. Glad you're hitting your desired length!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-these thigh high socks are rocking!!

emma said...

those are beautiful pictures!!!