September 6, 2008

Sat Sept 6th - Day 2

Today it rained and rained and rained right onto my parade! Well, to be honest, it was a typical nice day. I was headed towards No Relation Vintage, which was AMAZING by the way. Great selection with reasonable and affordable prices. I got a nice blue Lacoste cardi and a nifty 80's sweater for $25 all together. It was a nice gathering of clothes, although I didn't go as overboard as I wanted to.

I was ready to raid more, but then it started pouring and silly me...forgot to bring an umbrella. I scuttled into a nearby pizzeria and lounged about for a few hours. Although my day ended with that note, I still got my taste of New York vintage shops for this year.

And yes, white and slick-slippery sandals were a bad idea.

Sorry for bad image quality. I don't really know what happened. Probably the wrong camera option without me even being aware of it.

Blouse - Thrifted, de la Renta
Pants - Forever 21
Purse - Thrifted
Tank - Forever 21
Sandals - Forever 21
Hat - Forever 21


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-love this outfit, so casual chic!!

Isabel said...

Love the outfit! I've never been to No Relation Vintage but I bet its fantastic, just like the rest of NYC! Hope you have a great time.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.