September 2, 2008

Inspiration Before Departure

It's almost time! My Manhattan trip is looming up on Thursday, the 4th of September. I'm thrilled beyond words, although I've already visited last year. As I'm packing, I'm considering all the possibilities and outfits I should and can wear for the streets of NYC. I'm not bringing my tripod due to size reasons, so I'm hoping I can sneak in a couple of outfit shots via makeshift forms of a tripod.

So while I'm packing and brainstorming outfits, I figured I'd get in some pre-trip fashion inspirations from others just like me; simple street walkers!

The slouchy pair of pants, blazers, cardigans.....although I'm not sure, the weather may not be the best for the latter two accessories. But I do look forward to lots of layering and having fun with dresses and pants.

Need I mention that I'm looking forward to NY Fashion Week? I'll have so much fun people-watching the walkers around Bryant Park.


Isabel said...

Wow, are you going to any NY Fashion Week shows? Either way, you are lucky to be going. I've been to NYC once and now I'm pretty much obsessed...

yiqin; said...

I love the slouchy pants as well! & the polka dot skrit wit buttons are amazing. OMG ARE YOU GOING T NY FASHIION WEEK?!?!?!