September 5, 2008

Fri Sept 5th - Day 1

So today was my first official day of my Manhattan trip! It was....painful? I still don't know how women can do it so easily! Walking around blocks and blocks and blocks in heels must be a nightmare for me, yet it's already a nightmare with just little kitten heels that I previously deemed "My most comfortable heels." So, walking dozens of blocks is just not working out for my shoes, so I have to figure out what to wear with my outfits in the following days. (and with my blisters, ugh.)

So this was the first time I've ever worn this cute vintage number. I got it from Jet Rag Vintage over on Melrose, and it was a dream to wear. The only problem I had was from the zipper. It seemed to have difficulty actually STAYING up.

But for my first day in Manhattan this year, it was enjoyable. Unfortunately, I didn't get to go see any shows for Fashion week. (My sister's friend, who had connections, wasn't able to get me in...although my sister has the luck of attending an after party. Of which designer, I'm not sure yet.) I spent a huge amount of my time wandering around East Village, looking for little vintage and thrift shops to devour. I did indeed find a couple, however they were all closed. For what reason, I'm not was only 11am. But it was still enjoyable. I had too much fun people-watching and eating delectable cupcakes.

By the way, is it just me or does this photo look nothing like me? Curious....

Dress - Jet Rag Vintage
Belt - Thrifted
Shoes - Thrifted

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Diana said...

It doesn't really look like you, but it does at the same time. Can you post some pictures up of your manhattan trip?