November 6, 2010

Winter Inspiration Board

With funds running so short in my life, it's difficult to really expand and creatively work with my closet. Maybe it's a mental stump, where inspiration and resources at hand don't quite match up the way I wish for them to. Whatever the case, I feel like starting with an inspiration board will really help boost the neurons into kicking up some really neat winter outfits from pieces that I've had and worn for years now.

70's period makeup and styling inspired by Angelica Huston

Elegant floor-length gowns

Sequins and flow

Lauren Moffatt's 60's aesthetic for her Honeymooner's collection

Sweet longer-sleeved day dresses

Large cape-like outerwear pieces

Fur, military, and thigh-high socks

Let the experimenting begin!

1 comment:

J. said...

I love the 2nd picture.I guess that's how I would love to spend my summer.