March 8, 2009

The Pains of Constraints and Inactivity

Sorry I haven't been much of a blogger! Part of the reason why will be explained shortly, but other than that I just simply am running out of time during this time of the school year. (Argh! Papers, Finals, and other blah assignments! Bah!)

Well, a large reason why I've suddenly been lingering in creative deadzone was simply because of a religious event....despite the fact I'm not religious at all whatsoever. Lent started a week and a half ago, and a good portion of my friends (who are also equally not religious, but doing it for the sake of their own well-being) decided to give up something they love. For the sake of my wallet, I've decided to give up spending money on clothes for 40 days! Phew.

And I'll tell you, after a week and a half already it really takes a toll on you! Fashion is constantly changing, moving, and evolving. There has been so many times where I wanted to cave in and just buy something I completely loved. (It doesn't help that I have two friends that are complete fashion-forward lovelies.) Of course, I suppose that's where the industry gets you. Looks change and innovations keeps you on your toes for what's new, and you have to buy more and more to work that out.

The upside to this is that it really challenges your ability to rework your clothes into different outfits and looks. Unfortunately I have been under a creative dry spell, but I'm hoping to pick it up again. To all those who enjoy challenges, I really would urge you to try out this 40 day stuff. It's kind of insane, but in a love-hate way.


ed said...







$ouLphate said...

omg what ur trying to do is really difficult! i wouldnt be able to.. 40 days of not buying anything? 40 days is a loooong period! i admire you for trying and mabye even succeed =D good luck.. i hope you will post some outfits soon again when that creative dry spell is gone!! ps;you have two awards waiting at my blog =)!

tis serendipity said...

Haha I totally need to try that too. ;p I think I might actually because I've really spent a lot over the past couple of months. And I guess you're right in that it'll definitely force us to make do with what we currently have and be more creative in our outfits instead of being lazy and greedy and always wanting what's out in the market. Hope your 40 day ban will work out! =)

Hope you'll manage with your schoolwork and stuff! Sometimes I spend a little too long on blogging too and then I feel bad about neglecting schoolwork. >< It's so hard to find a balance.