March 24, 2009

making me go ga-ga

You know, this whole 40 days thing is driving me NUTS. I'm literally counting down the days before its over just so I can raid a few stores! (Especially the thrift spots! Who knows what treasures I could be missing out! Argh!) There's been a few loopholes in the deal, mostly concerning my mom buying me stuff all the time (although I only really keep less than half of them) and my guy getting me this delightful Erin Fetherston for Target dress from Buffalo Exchange. They're slowly weaning me off of my shopping addiction, but oh dear! I went online browsing and couldn't resist but make a little collage of things I wish I could own for Spring!

Top Row : Tree & Kimball
Second and Third Row : Urban Outfitters
Last Row : Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie

Are these not lovely?! I need me some girly dresses, ASAP!


londynkouture said...

I love ALL the dresses on the second roll esp the first 2! I need those too in my life :)


Gloria C. said...

I love the dresses from Anthropologie :(

I love spring time outfits :D

G said...

Love your choices!



Austere said...

I like the UO dresses. Very girly indeed.

emma said...

wow 40 days of not shopping? good luck, that so awesome to try

cras4 said...

dibs on the floral