April 23, 2008

Post #1 - Mon April 21st

There's a very interesting story about that floral top I'm wearing today.

So I was thrifting through this really small place called Working Wardrobes, and I come across the most amazing pattern you've ever seen. Which is pretty much the top I'm wearing now. It was just so obnoxious and the frills!! I automatically HAD to get it, but I felt the fabric and realized it felt very much like....swim wear? I checked the bottom and before you knew it, I realized it was a bathing suit.

I was creeped out by wearing a bathing suit from a THRIFT store, if you know what I mean, but I decided some alterations would be alright. So I went back to San Diego, and pretty much cut out the bottom part LOLS. So therefore it became a top. (: It's really awesome, and the back is so cool! It's low cut and all fjcadk;lds;a. Love love love. I'm starting to get into the whole "alteration of clothes for my own benefit" thing.

Floral BathingSuit/Top : Thrifted
Black Mini : Urban Outfitters
Denim Cropped Jacket : Gap
Necklace : Forever 21
Shoes (not pictured) : Hot Topic

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