April 26, 2008

Spotlight #1

Decided to do something fun. I'm a huge avid fan of fashion blogs as of late, and I decided to do a regular Spotlight thing for outfits that especially caught my eye. (Props to Painfully Hip for this idea)

So let's start the first spotlighting!! For this first post, everything was found at wardrobe_remix, an awesome flickr photo pool.

San Frans.
ragga_muffin looks awesome with that skirt and that top!! And the little bow just makes this even more adorable. I want to steal it so baddd, but I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate it haha.

i love my orang utan
OH DEAR GOD. MUST. HAVE. MONKEY. I absolutely love that top mixed with the high-waisted denim skirt, AND the overbearing batik.

You could say that this isn't exceptionally exciting, but something about the pattern and the peekaboo green just calls out to me. ♥

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deo said...

i;m deo from west borneo..