July 20, 2010

Josephine Baker

We all have our own inspirational historical heroine, from the fast and furious Edie Sedgwick to the timeless and classic Audrey Hepburn. But what ties these women together is that they continue to inspire countless girls who grow up fashioning themselves after their own icon.

When I took a History of Paris class, I was introduced to one particularly lovely and amazing woman by the name of Josephine Baker. She started off as a simple American entertainer, but helped the French Resistance during World War 2 by using her status as a European celebrity to smuggle information past Nazi soldiers in Paris. Beyond that she was an active speaker for the Civil Rights Movement, refusing to perform in any segregated venue, and shames the Angelina brood with the adoption of 12 children from all across the world.

To me, she is an example of the few women in this world that can really used her status to create a name for herself in history for more than her looks and talent. With the cheeky smile and charm that seems to resonate from every photo, I was so immensely inspired that I wanted to share her influence with everyone out in the blogosphere.

Photo Credit: Josephine Baker Website
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July 9, 2010

kitten love

First off, I have to thank Wasn't A Fairytale for the shoutout to Closetbug. I'm glad you enjoy my blog so much, Eugenia!

I've had a fantastic and amazing birthday! After spending a day out with close friends then my mother, I ended the night on a high note on the VIP Deck of the Troubadour watching Stars perform an amazing set of their new music and their fan-favourite songs. I felt like I was on air as I watched Amy Millan and the rest of the band croon to songs I've spent so much of my younger high school years listening to.

To top it off, I was off to Vegas with my family and my close crew of friends. We stayed at a condo suite at Bally's and ate the most decadent of dinners. It was full of fun times and great memories. And as a note, I would advise any passerby's of Vegas to stop by the Revolution lounge. The lounge is designed by Cirque de Soleil and inspired by the Beatles, lovely!

And finally, a picture of the latest addition to my love life.

Leopold, my little 9 week old baby

Life has been good and wild, and I've been loving every minute of it. Since my birthday came with some extra flow of extra money, I've been browsing and stalking the pages of Modcloth for an extra boost in fashion fun. I'm ESPECIALLY in love with these pieces...

In looooove. Hope to have an outfit post soon! Ciao!