May 31, 2008

Fri May 30th - So late...But so Awesome

Today I saw Beirut with The Brunettes. To sum it all in a simple phrase; awesome in a mindblowing way. I just had to share some pictures of the concert, and of course what I wore to the concert.





After the first encore I thought it couldn't get any better. It did...with a second encore. Thank you, Zach Condon. ♥

Blouse - Urban Outfitters
Shorts - Forever 21
Socks - ...???
Shoes - Thrifted Enzo Angiolini

May 29, 2008

Thu May 29th - A Perfectly Normal Day

I just realized I wore a really similar color palette as of yesterday. Very odd.

I got these corduroys on Monday as well. They fit a little odd on me, but I've been meaning to look for a comfortable pair of cords so this was an amazing find. For only $10, I'd say it is anyways. :) There's nothing more satisfying than finding a great bargain anywhere.

Things are going to get hectic for me as finals creep up, and I'm severely behind on my final art project. (I'm thinking of putting up an art post with some things I've been working on.)

Tank Top - Urban Outfitters
Lace Button Up - Thrifted Talbots
Corduroys - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Urban Outfitters

May 28, 2008

Wed May 28th - Bad Days

Totally a bad day for me. For various reasons, really. This day really needs a nice pick-me-up....a nap maybe?

My parents and I went memorial day shopping on monday, and we picked out a few things. Just some stuff here and there, but I was glad I fond this vest for sale over at Urban Outfitters. It was only $10! I have to admit, for the quality of the vest, I sure did get my money's worth.

Dress - UrbanOutfitters
Vest - Urban Outfitters
Socks - Target
Oxfords - Macys
Necklace - Forever 21

May 27, 2008

Ipod Disaster!!!

My iPod 80 gig is a mess. Ever since I got it updated with new software, it's been wonky and I've had to reset it to factory settings 4 times in the last month. Sucks for me since I have to reload it again and again with about 10 gigs worth of music and 4 worth of videos and pictures. Although the video part is what really messes it up.

So, I'm planning on bringing it over to the iPod store and having them check it out. I got it really recently, in late January actually, so I don't expect it to be breaking down anytime soon. I'm pretty angry about it, actually, especially since it's such a hassle.

Anyways, here's an especially interesting video. I love the art direction of this video, mixed with the amazing music, and the especially stylish individuals in it.

The Teenagers - Homecoming

...yeah I really want to go out and get suspenders, cute little shorts, and a really nice frilly blouse.

ClosetBug Sale

I finally got a lot of the stuff I have listed. It's not everything, but it's most of what I have around. If you guys have the time or money, be sure to check it out or bid on a few if you like what you see. :) Here's a preview of some stuff I have up.

All starting at $9.99 or under. Vintage, Urban Outfitters, and even a little bit from Hot Topic. I'm still relatively new at this so if you have any questions about anything or suggestions, that'd be great. :) All the stuff can be found HERE. Enjoy!

May 26, 2008

Fri May 23rd - A post much overdue

This was supposed to be on Friday. Alas, I was busy all day and then my laptop died out. And of course, with my luck, I had forgotten the charger in San Diego. Great job. :)

But the weather was awfully dreadful that day. Anyone in San Diego county could vouch for that. There was flash rains and it was just all sorts of chilly that day. I went through extra precautions to stay warm and comfortable, boots and cardigan and scarf and JEANS.

Tee - Vendor Market on campus
Cardi - Steve & Barry's Bitten
Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Vintage Ebay
Scarf - Forever 21
Pin - myself

May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Weekend!!

I'm having a relatively enjoyable time here in SoCal. The weather's been gloomy, and the rain in San Diego on Friday was a killer. This allowed for a conveniently comfortable tee and jeans outfit, alas my laptop died on me and I forgot my charger, so updates on outfits and ebay listings will come at a later time when I'm back in SD. I've taken all the shots I've needed, and I love how cooperative my friend Kim is as a model.

UrbanOutfitters is having an online and in-store memorial day sale, and I though it'd be interesting to list some goodies that they'll have available. (Not necessarily on sale though.) However, I thought I'd concentrate on some especially adorable furnishing pieces, since me and my friends were able to nab two of the best apartments on campus, and unlike the dorms...WE GET OUR OWN ROOM. It will be such a great change from sharing a room with two other people, and having a nice living room to share with only 3 others, instead of 14. So here are some highlighted pieces from UO's site.

Will have more....relevant updates later on? I'm excited to post up the ebay listings as well as my outfit from two days ago.

May 21, 2008

Wed May 21st

Skirts and dresses have been dominating my wardrobe as of late, it seems like. Shorts as well, although it seems appropriate for the upcoming summer season. I've also been obsessed with floral print, as proven by my current fascination with my MMW professor's style and fashion sense. For an elderly scholar, she always shows up with impeccable flats or heels, a flattering knee-length+ skirt, and a darling blouse.

As for what I wore today, I just wanted to be comfortable. I feel the lack of sleep coming on.

Floral Top - Thrifted
Cardigan - Banana republic
Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Gloves - Urban Outfitters
Tights - Target
Jazz Flats - CathyJean

May 20, 2008

Making Something New

I've been bored with my jewelry lately. I feel like I've worn them all a million times, or I stopped caring for them, which is really tragic since I do have a lot of necklaces and earrings of various sorts.

Lately, due to sheer boredom and the want to have my hands active while I watch Arrested Development obsessively, I've been tinkering with misc. bits of my jewelry. (Mostly put together with super glue and awkward bending of the wires.) I haven't really made much, but I thought I'd share my recent tinkerings.

A faux pearl bracelet with misc. bits of more faux pearls, gems, and a really nifty spot where there's a feater with a small bird pendent and a wing pendent. I'm in love with it! Especially with the feather.

Superglued a large gold disk-shape earring onto a bobby pin, attached on a small beaded droplet, and called it a day. It looks large and pretentious, but I absolutely love it in my hair. It's a great accessory, although it's a very prominent one. (I would wear it by itself, anything else would be much too excessive.)

Been wearing this the past two days ever since I first made it. I love it!! The feathers used to be from earrings, and I took the hooks off and glued them onto a bobby pin, and then glued on a small faux pearl in order to cover up the golden parts a bit. It looks absolutely subtle yet feminine when placed on the side. It's my favourite of the batch!!

I have more jewelry at home, and for some things I would need a hot glue gun. But right now, I'm quite satisfied with what I've got.

Tues May 20th - Wonky Weather

The weather is being wonky again. I guess you can't really trust San Diego to be consistent with the weather, it being extremely cool today. ("Cold" would not be an inaccurate term either.) Curious to see that, as yesterday was painfully warm.

I spent the entire day in PJ's, since most of it was hanging out with my boyfriend and getting my room for next year. I originally started the day off in a different outfit, but realized it was just way too cold for a skirt. Great way to play with our minds, mother nature.

Striped Top - Vintage; from my mom's closet
Black Jeans - hole-in-the-wall store....forgot the name.
Boots - Vintage Ebay

May 19, 2008

Amazing Style

Okay, so I've been addicted to browsing through foto_decadent and checking out the amazing sets that are put up on a daily basis. This new batch is more on the fashion rather than the actual shot themselves, but either way they were beautiful images. Plus, I feel like I've been running out of things to wear, which really isn't the case. Maybe it's due to my slight fatigue that I'm starting to feel lazy in the creativity of my outfits.

So I've been reaching out to some outside sources for inspiration on things to wear for future references. I'd say these shots by Louis Park and Bharat Sikka.

I love the use of short skirts with high white socks and strappy heels. The ankle socks are also extremely adorable, although I think I would have trouble working that into the socks I currently own...although I really do want to try it out. Such amazing shots though, all of these provide such great starting points for future ideas.

Mon May 19th - SO hot

The weather here is getting ridiculously hot. It's slightly hard to find clothes that go well with the heat, since I only have a limited amount of dresses, shorts, and skirts here in San Diego. But I make do with what I can.

Plaid Button up - Forever 21
Shorts - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Pin - handmade

May 17, 2008

Sungod Lovelies

So as I was at Sungod music festival on campus, I kept an eye out on interesting people. There were a lot, but there were two that caught my eye in particular.

I absolutely loved their look. The girl on the right, so casual and I love the way she tied her scarf. The girl on the left, I loved her hat and loose fitting dress, not to mention the amazing print on it.

Her romper, paired with a thin belt, was just enough classy and cool for the hot weather. Her styling was great as well.

Thu May 15th - It's actually Sat today...

I haven't posted in a while, and this outfit was actually from Thursday. I've just been really busy with stuff, mostly SunGod, which was a huge music festival on campus.

Tunic - Urban Outfitters
Tank Top - Forever 21
T-Straps - Urban Outfitters
Shorts - Forever 21

May 14, 2008

Wed May 14th - Floral Romper

Over the weekend I had bought some nifty new clothes from this amazing thrift store that I was able to visit. It was such a small darling store, and I got amazing finds...this floral romper for example. It was only $2, and it was such an amazing steal!

I must stop by again, and I'll be sure to fill you all in with the amazing finds that are available there.

Floral Romper - Thrifted
Vest - Vintage Ebay
Tights - The Dance Factory
Shoes - Cathy Jean
Headband - Urban Outfitters

Photography Inspirations

I've been browsing through some entries at foto_decadent and I came across some beautiful shots done by Nico. I love her works, and I wanted a share a few that I thought was especially inspirational.

There is something amazing and gentle about the first two photos. So vulnerable, and gentle. I also love how the garment was addressed, where the white garment is in a black and white photo, enhancing its beauty even more.

And two shots from an especially breathtaking photoshoot of Clemence Poesy by Ellen von Unwerth

Although she tends to use this "look", I still love the art direction on this. The red lips just "pop" and look amazing, and the chill atmosphere is gorgeous. I would love to work the red lips, although I wouldn't pull it off well.

I've been meaning to update Closetbug@Ebay for some time now, although I haven't taken photos nor measurements. However, I do have a special project in the works to promote it. Keep an eye out!

May 13, 2008

Tues May 13th - Pairing Black & Brown

Someone's noted once that I liked pairing up blacks and browns in my outfits, which I realized I do. Brown is my favourite color to wear in clothing, and black just goes so well with it. Although now I'm a little more self-aware of that, and am more compelled to wear different colors now. Just for fun though, and to see what I can come up with. :)

Shirtdress - Forever 21
Blazer - The Limited
Jeans - Forever 21
Shoes - Urban Outfitters

May 12, 2008

Mon May 12th - the dress of my dreams

I had a gift card available for Forever 21, and I thought it'd be about time to spend it on something useful. So I went shopping over the weekend and I thought it'd be nice if I would browse around and find something nice. I was originally planning on getting the Luella-inspired floral skirt that's been seen around, but decided last minute to get this gorgeous little frilly floral printed dress. It fits like a dream, and I love how light it feels.

Dress - Forever 21
Vest - Forever 21
Sweater - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - mom's hand-me-down

May 10, 2008

Fri May 9th - Lookin' a Little Business-y

I was looking for this off-white ruffled top for such a long long time. Apparently it was on the hanger themed for white clothing, who would've thought? /sarcasm

Anyways, I haven't worn jeans in a while, and I didn't want to wear any old top with jeans, shoes, and call it a day. When I wear jeans, I dislike looking like a slob, so I thought a blazer and a scarf would neaten it up a bit. The heels were also a last minute addition, although a poorly chosen one as I realized that I had to rush from one class to another, and heels just don't work very well for that with me.

Coincidentally my good friend + suitemate wore a blazer, a white top, and a scarf tied similarly as well that day. We spend way too much time together.

Blazer - The Limited
White Ruffle Top - Urban Outfitters
Scarf - Thrifted
Jeans - Forever 21
Shoes - Vintage NineWest (Previously my mom's)

May 8, 2008

Thrifting + Spotlight

I picked up some interesting finds today at the local thriftstore on campus. Vintage Laura Ashley floral dress, a nifty leopard print high waisted skirt, and this gorgeous silk and bright blue secretary dress. All for only $8.50!! I couldn't be happier with my finds, especially since I was in need of a floral dress. (It needs alterations, but that's not really a problem.) I love stopping by there of all places, it seems like the perfect place for all the older ladies on campus to ditch their 70's-80's gear.

However, a point came up when I started showing my friends the clothes I found. There were some slight stains on the silk dress that I told them that I needed to wash out. As soon as they saw it, they started freaking out and covered their noses and refused to touch anything. I was a bit appalled by their disbelief at thrifted clothes, to be honest it takes a lot of work just to get them to step INTO one.

It took me a small argument to tell them the worth of these amazing clothes I found, and although they still aren't believers, thrifted fashion came into mind as I was searching through some spotlight potentials at wardrobe_remix, and decided to show that you can look great in thrifted and vintage clothing.

Thu May 8th - Art day....again...

It's not as if I don't like art. I love it, I would love to spend so much of my time just drawing or designing all day long. Alas, it's not quite the case with my studio for art class. It's always painful to sit through it and get things done all at once. Not that I'm being particularly hateful, but sometimes the pretentious air really overwhelms me in there.

But I thought I'd get comfortable while I go. Wanted to wear something light and a little fun, but not too ostentatious.

Shirtdress - Forever 21
Sweater - Urban Outfitters
Shorts (not pictured) - Urban Outfitters
T-Straps - Hot Topic
Belt - Thrifted

May 7, 2008

Wed May 7th

The weather was a little better today, and I actually wanted to look fairly dressed up. The original plan was to wear a nice white dress, but I opted for black at the last minute, since it was still relatively cold and I think black would've at least kept me slightly warmer....or so I would like to think anyways.

I also stopped by the local thriftstore on campus, and fell in love with a few dresses and skirts. Will be grabbing them when I get cash out, and I'll probably be throwing them onto Ebay, so I'll update on that when it comes up.

Another chilly day, but still very pleasant. If it were warmer, I would've worn my white dress, but this will do.

Dress - Urban Outfitters
Denim Jacket - Gap
Belt - Hand-me-down
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Bracelet - Sister's hand-me-down

May 6, 2008

Must Haves

Things that I would die to have, but can't possibly compromise my wallet for them.

Summertime is perfect for shorts, and what better way to throw together a newfound fascination with floral print than floral shorts! I love the high fit and amazing detail.

Just look at that bow. Charlotte Ronson really knows how to make amazing clothes, and I would die if I got my hands on this.

The silhouette is slightly ridiculous, but you can't expect less from the designer of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O, Christian Joy. But that silhouette is what makes me love it.